Monday, June 15, 2009

27 Lessons for 27 Years

1. Praise is my greatest weapon against the enemy.
2. Head knowledge can only get you so far.
3. God’s plans prevail.
4. God’s mercy goes infinitely beyond what I deserve.
5. Life is too short to focus on pant size.
6. Sanctification is a state of being as well as a life-long journey.
7. Until I accept the Love of God, I will be a slave to fear.
8. Contentment is destroyed by comparison.
9. God extends beyond any box that I can ever try to put Him in.
10. The Lord’s burden for me is so much better than the burden that I try to place on myself.
11. Freedom is in the Truth.
12. As I gaze into the face of my Jesus, all else fades away.
13. We are not long here.
14. Victory is in getting up rather than in not falling.
15. Where there is life, there is hope.
16. As long as I am seeking man’s approval, I will always be striving and always be in bondage.
17. Apart from God, I can do nothing of eternal value.
18. The way up is down in God’s economy.
19. Self-abasement is only a mask for pride.
20. GPA is over-rated.
21. Music ministers to the soul in mysterious and profound ways.
22. What God begins, He finishes.
23. When I walk in obedience, I can trust the consequences to the Lord.
24. Someone is always watching, and we can never ignore the influence we have.
25. It is easy to forget the mercies of the Lord, so I must continually remind myself of His works in my life.
26. We should put on the armor of God before we get out of bed every morning.
27.Live each day as though it was your last on this earth.

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