Sunday, July 12, 2009

Holy Paradox

There is a sobering splendor,
A furious fortitude,
A chaotic complexity,
On this sinful stunning planet.
The lion, the kingly killer,
The mountains, triumphant and terrible,
The sea, rapturous yet raging,
The clouds, producing calming rain and clamoring lightning,
The sun, yielding warming rays, and withering radiation,
The mind, profoundly deep and psychotically depraved.
The heart, lovely and lowly.
This great, glorious existence,
This paradoxical state of awe and despair.
This beauty that turns in an instant into destruction.
How can we comprehend it?

We can only stand in awe and worship its Creator:
Righteous and merciful,
Loving and just,
Mighty and meek,
Transcendent and personal,
Destructive and restorative,
Never forgetting, always forgiving.
The earth and all that is within it reflect Him,
This Holy Triune juxtaposition.

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