Thursday, January 8, 2009

Why Lilly?

God has given me the name “Lilly.” It all started with the prophecy which was spoken over me at Mercy. Jane and Tom Hammon came the first week of December to speak over each girl. They quoted Matthew 6, where Jesus says, “Consider the lilies of the field and learn thoroughly how they grow: they neither toil nor spin. Yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his magnificence, excellence, dignity, and grace was not arrayed like one of these.” The Lord said to me, “Didn’t I clothe the Lilies? Didn’t I give them beauty? Didn’t I do such great things for them, and how much more so those that are mine?” Then the loving heart of the Father said to me, “Child, you are mine. You are the Lilly of my heart, and I will care for you like no one else can.” This was a great revelation. It came and went, and I thought very little of Lilies after that.
Throughout the next month, the focus seemed to remain on Lilies wherever I went, whatever I read, and whatever sermon I listened to. God was trying to get me to listen. One night this week, the Lord led me to study “light” and its purpose in the Word and in our lives. Doing my word study, I did a word search with scriptures on “light,” “illuminate,” and “bright.” I learned great things about light, but I kept on stumbling upon the word “Lilly.” I felt inconvenienced and continued on my search for light. Finally, after tripping on the word “Lilly” a couple more times, I got the hint. Thanks, God, for recognizing my denseness and throwing it out there a couple more times. Sometimes He has to smack me in the face with something in order to get me to see it.
In my study of light, the Lord was revealing that we are to put on the armor of light in Romans 13. He said that He gives us as a light for the nations, and in Matthew 5, He says that we are the light of the world. We illuminate the world as we reflect HIS glory. The light that He shines through us allows His salvation to be seen to the corners of the earth. Our reflection of Him is imperative. His glory rises upon us, and He causes us to show forth His light. Thus, our light is not at all of our own doing. It is all His light, which is the only true light. The greatness of light is that the darkness cannot and never will overpower it. One author says that no matter how insignificant the light, it can penetrate even the most oppressive darkness. Light ALWAYS trumps darkness, like scissors ALWAYS trump paper in paper-rock-scissors. All of this information is vital to the understanding of the significance of Lilies. Keep in mind; nothing led me to move from light into lilies except the providential hand of the Father. The Hebrew word for Lilies is “shooshan,” which represents whiteness, ornamentation, and a trumpet. This is interesting because in the Lilly, we find purity, beauty, and proclamation. These are characteristics that God, in His great mercy, has called me to and declares me to have. In the Greek definition of the word Lilly, we find a flower that is rich in color, and, get this, illumination!!! The Lilies bring light. They are light in the darkness. The Lord brought me to Lilies from the study of light to give me a perfect example of light in the darkness. The definition goes on to say that those who see lilies growing amongst the grains cannot miss them, just as no one can miss the light that we are called to reflect in the darkness. Lilies are distinct, pure, beautiful, declarative, and illuminating. Not only are Lilies found in fields of grain, but other varieties are found in swamps and pasture grounds. They blossom everywhere, just as we as Christians blossom all over the world in all circumstances. Lilies bring light and they grow even in great trial and difficulty. Lilies offer luminous emanation, just as Christians stand as light-bearers in this dark world. God’s word is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our paths. If we, as light-bearers and lilies grow on the road of truth, we can be lights to peoples’ path and present the illuminating Word of God. We are the lilies that grow in the field, or in the pastures, or in the swamp lands, or even on the path of those who are seeking the Way.
The final concept of Lilies in Matthew is that they neither toil nor spin, but the Lord cares for them all. Consider the Lilly and learn thoroughly how it grows. They grow in rest and trust. They do not strive and strain. They grow confidently but don’t force it. They know that God will provide for them. God is calling me to rest, to be still, to know that He is God, and to cease striving. Consider the example of the Lilly. I shall not worry about money or clothing or success or any other worldly lust. What do the Lilies do? They look up to their maker with confident expectation, they grow, and they are clothed with beauty that far surpasses that of Solomon in his entire splendor. In this state of restfulness, they shine brightly, proclaim loudly, stand gracefully, and rise above with confidence.
These are the Lilies of the field. God has called me the Lilly of His heart. He has called me Lilly.


  1. Hey,
    This is Gabi. I hope you don't me reading your blog. This is absolutely beautiful! As I read it I could feel His delight and His smile over you! How you captivate His heart!

  2. Hey Megan! I found your blog through Dan's. This is Emily from the top bunk at The Vines. I never figured out Facebook, so I'm glad to have found you on Blogger. It looks like a lot has happened for you in the last two-and-a-half years. I am so grateful for your experience at Mercy and for your testimony of God's love through it. Missing you, friend!