Monday, August 17, 2009

Where is God?

Where is God?
Where is He to be found?
Only in the churches, clothed in holy robes?
Where is God?
Let us look around,
He is walking the streets, garbed in tattered clothes.

Where is God?
Woven through our being,
We reflect His true visage, formed by His own hand.
Where is God?
Are we blind, not seeing,
His own divine shadows, now cloaking this land?

Where is God?
Cooped up in the temple?
He will not be contained, but breathes through blades of grass.
Where is God?
Is He quite so simple,
As do our fleshly minds, want to hold in our grasp?

Embedded in our genes,
Is the precious life divine.
Perplexing though it seems,
He is not so hard to find.

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