Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Isn't it interesting that we have a week devoted to being "aware" eating disorders? After battling Anorexia for over 13 years and conquering it over the past year, I am so angry at the eating disorder for taking so much "awareness" from me already. I spent half of my life "aware" of my eating disorder. Finally, I have stepped out of the hyper-awareness into freedom from its dictatorship. A vital key to my transformation process was focusing my "awareness" on my Lord, others, and living life abundantly. Do we need heightened awareness of eating disorders, or do we need to become less aware of eating disorders? I do understand the argument that the purpose of this week is to increase the awareness of the general public of eating disorders, their manifestations, and effects. In light of this, however, lets take this week and make it a "life awareness" week for ourselves. Let's step out of our one-dimensional world of restriction, obsession, and compulsion. Let's take the risk and let go for long enough to grasp the fullness of the life beyond. Let's take this week and be aware of hope, life, and joy. Let's step out of our "perfect, silver cage" just long enough to taste the broken beauty of humanity, imperfection, pain, and passion. You may not want to go back into the cage of "eating disorder awareness."

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