Saturday, May 2, 2009


Will I shatter in Your hand?
Will you hold this heart with care?
Will I crumble neath the weight,
Or find You there to bear?
Can I step out farther still,
To find that I won’t fall?
Can I give up my own quill,
To see you write it all?
Dare I hope?

Isn’t this enough,
Or do You ask for more?
I think I know Your answer,
But I ask to just be sure.
Love beckons me deeper,
Will I hope?

My faith has turned to sight.
The night has turned to day.
The darkness turned to light.
My eyes now see the way.
Your word is proven true,
You guided me with care.
I have been made new,
Your life I now can share.
And still I hope.

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