Saturday, May 23, 2009


I am the Amen, trustworthy and faithful.
I speak the Word of life, truth, and victory.
If it abides in you, on your lips and in your heart,
You are my children.
This Word existed before time.
It is your Life.
It is your Truth.
It is your Triumph.
Even if you are chained and imprisoned, it will not be.
My double-edged Sword,
It divides the soul and the Spirit.
Know it,
Wield It,
Speak It,
In It is the Kingdom.

I am the Oppressor.
I have a word of death, lies, and defeat.
I can only work in your mind,
I want you as slaves.
My word is not original.
I only can pervert.
I want it to kill you.
I want to control you.
I want you to speak death.
In it is my kingdom,
And I want to draw you down into my pit.

I choose to speak the Truth.
I choose to trust the Eternal.
I choose to know the Original.
I choose to hope in the never failing.
I choose to wield what is mighty over the enemy.
I choose to use what is operative, energizing, and effective.
I choose Christ.

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