Saturday, May 30, 2009

Safe God?

I wanted a “safe” God,
I craved comfort,
I wanted trials to cease and tears to dry.
I wanted a mild God,
I asked for ease.
I did not want to go through fire or river.

He took me through danger,
We passed through the valley of the shadow of death,
We fought battle after battle.
We faced all sorts of tribulations.
We grieved loss,
We braved illness,
I was wounded and lived on my knees.
I suffered thorns.

And I realized

The danger drove me to the shelter of His wing.
The Death Valley led to life eternal.
Battles were fought and won in His power.
Tribulations bred perseverance, character, and hope.
Loss led to comfort.
Illness brought humility.
On my knees I found strength.
In thorns, He proved sufficient.
I am so thankful that my God is not “safe”.

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